About Christine

Christine grew up in Las Vegas, Nev. and earned her Journalism & Mass Media Studies degree from UNLV.  She is a publicist and a makeup artist. Christine is also a beauty blogger and hosts her own Youtube Channel. Her passions include makeup and nail artistry, and raising awareness for homeless and abused animals.

About Dylan

Dylan is a native Los Angelino who holds a degree in International Business from UCSB. He is Manager of Program Lineups for CBS Television Distribution. When he isn't working overtime, he enjoys going to the gym and playing tennis. His hobbies include watching football and playing Call of Duty on his PS3. Dylan is an avid traveler and has gone all over the world. Christine's hoping he'll show her around some day.

How we met

Shortly after Christine moved to Los Angeles, she met Dylan at work (CBS-Santa Monica). Every Friday, CBS gives their employees a bagel breakfast, and since they worked in completely separate departments, the only time they ever saw each other were on these Bagel Fridays in the main kitchen. Dylan was shy, and for weeks all they ever talked about was what flavor cream cheese they preferred. Thanks to a few work-related happy hours and a bunch more Bagel Fridays, they became friends and that soon turned into a relationship. 

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